What Are Dual Battery Systems?

If you are heading off-road camping, then you’ll need a dual battery. A dual battery is a battery that has been installed in addition to the original factory fitted battery. It is most commonly installed so that you can supply extra power for your campsite without draining your main battery. Even better, dual battery set ups are often solar powered allowing you to keep your campsite running for as long as you want!

Why Get A Dual Battery?

Though there are many different reasons that people get a dual battery system, the main reason is to keep your campsite running. With the dual battery running, you do not have to keep your car on as your main battery is tied to your ignition and it also means you will not drain your main battery. With the dual battery you can have proper lighting, a shower, and even a fridge at your campsite with minimal fuss! In the worst case scenario you can even use your auxiliary battery to jump start your car.

How Do Dual Batteries Work?

A dual battery system is not as simple as adding a second battery to your vehicle. The dual battery is usually installed in a purpose built tray in the engine bay of your vehicle or sometimes in the tray of the ute. For the system to work properly, your vehicle’s starting battery and your auxiliary battery need to be two separate, isolated systems. Though your batteries can both be charged using the alternator, for correct operation the dual battery setup needs a battery isolator. Your battery system can also be run on solar which needs to be hooked into the auxiliary battery system. At Access Auto we also advise including a DC-DC charger to allow your system to charge on overcast days or when you have access to minimal direct sunlight.

How Do You Install a Dual Battery System?

This tends to be a job best left to the experts as it includes several different skills, tools, and knowledge bases. At Access Auto we understand that each individual has different needs and so each of our dual battery systems is designed to your needs, budget, and model of car. For the installation of a dual battery system you will need to ensure that you have enough room in your vehicle, whether it is in the cabin of your vehicle, the tray of a ute, or in the engine bay, a battery takes up room and you need to be sure you are taking this into account. In regards to wiring, there are multiple options available including automatic solenoid switching, four-way manual switching, and more. The option that is best suited for you will depend on the different scenarios/vehicle types that battery is used for. Contact Access Auto today to book your installation today!

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