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If you're in need of a new battery for your vehicle, we rely on quality aftermarket batteries in our repairs. Our battery suppliers produce top quality batteries for all makes and models, and are trusted by our team to consistently deliver reliable, high quality products. Whether you're after a battery for a car, four-wheel drive, light commercial vehicle or need a dual battery systemAccess Auto Electrics has all of your battery needs covered.
Here are some of the signs that your car battery needs replacing:

1. Check Engine Light is On

Your Check Engine light being on can be an indication of a battery issue. If your car’s warning light is on and you are experiencing any of the other signs listed below you can safely assume a problem with your car battery.

2. The Engine is Slow to Start

Over time the components that make up your car’s battery will wear and become less effective. You may start to notice this if it takes your car longer to turn on than normal as the battery now needs more time to create a charge for the starter motor. 

3. Dim Lights and Electrical Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with any of the electrical components of your car such as the radio, dash lights, lights, electric seats or windows then you could need a new battery.

4. The Battery Connectors are Corroded

If, when checking your battery, you notice a white, ashy substance on the metal parts of your battery then there is a corrosion issue. Corroded terminals can lead to voltage issues that make it hard to start your car.

5. Your Battery is Old

Batteries typically last three to five years however there are other factors to consider that may cause a battery to wear out sooner like the climate in which you live, electronic demands of the battery and your driving habits. If you’re experiencing any of the above get in touch with our team so we can help diagnose and resolve this issue.

The team at Access Auto will be able to assess your battery and other components that may be causing this issue to determine which is the correct resolution to your car’s issues.  

Access Auto Electrics recommends Exide batteries and we stock a large range of these batteries.  We have found Exide to be exceptional batteries offering both reliability and durability.  They also offer an extended warranty.  We stock most batteries resulting in a quick turnaround to purchase and install your new battery.  Exide remains our preferred supplier, however, we can supply other batteries on request.  If you require a battery please view the Exide fitment guide so when you call you can inform us of which battery you require.

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If you have any questions or would like a quote please contact our friendly team. We can be reached on 07 3366 8585 or leave your details in one of our forms and we will get back to you!

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on 07 3366 8585 or leave your details via our form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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