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Access Auto Electrics are towing accessory specialists, and we’re equipped to install a REDARC electric brake controller kit on all types of cars, 4WDs and other towing vehicles. We work on vehicles from all over Brisbane and install REDARC electric trailer brakes to get you ready to tow any load.

REDARC Brake Controller Installation Brisbane

The expert team at Access Auto Electrics offers REDARC brake controller installation to customers from across Brisbane! REDARC is one of our favourite manufacturers of electric trailer brakes. The REDARC electric brake controller kit is easy to install, simple to use and incredibly effective for towing all types of trailers and caravans.

REDARC Brake Controllers

REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3 Electric Trailer Brake Controller

REDARC Tow-Pro Classic Electric Brake Controller

REDARC Break-Safe Break-Away Controller

Combined with our other towing and adventure accessories, Access Auto Electrics can help you build a car that’s perfect for work or play. Whether you’re towing a caravan across the country or loading up the tools for work, our REDARC Electric Brake Controller Kit ensures you’re always in control.

Talk to our experienced, Brisbane auto electricians today about electric trailer brakes to book your REDARC brake controller installation!

Want to learn more about the REDARC electric brake controller kit?

What is a REDARC Electric Brake Controller Kit?

Travelling is one of Australia’s great pastimes. With incredible countryside and open roads, caravans and trailers are some of our favourite accessories. But towing requires care, and a REDARC brake controller provides cutting edge safety when you’re on the road.

REDARC Electronics is an Australian company that specialises in developing electronic vehicle accessories. REDARC brake controller installation is the perfect solution for all types of cars, vans, 4WDs and light commercial vehicles that need to tow caravans or large trailers.

REDARC brake controller systems are unique because of their ease of installation and use. REDARC has put a lot of thought into their electric trailer brakes, and the result is a state of the art product that can keep you safe in all conditions.

A REDARC brake controller kit combines leading tech with simple controls to give you the braking power you need and protect your family, both on and off road.

REDARC Electric Brake Controller Kit for Towing

If you have any questions or queries regarding REDARC electric brakes or our vehicle diagnostic services, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on 07 3366 8585 or leave your details via our form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





Electric Brakes

Not required

Yes – trailer is required to be fitted with brakes operating on the wheels of at least one axle.

Yes – trailer must be fitted with brakes operating on all wheels.

Break Away Unit

Not required

Not required

Yes – the brake system must immediately apply the trailer brakes in the event of the trailer becoming detached.

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) – weight of the trailer when not coupled to a tow vehicle.

Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) – weight on the trailer axles when coupled to a tow vehicle.

REDARC Electric Brakes with Easy Installation

REDARC electric brakes are the industry benchmark for trailer brake technology. One of the reasons we love using REDARC electric brake controller kit solutions is their ease of installation. REDARC supplies the brake controller units and wiring harnesses as a convenient kit.

That means our REDARC brake controller installation services are extremely quick and efficient. When you book an installation with Access Auto Electrics, we’ll offer a consultation to help you choose the towing accessories you want, then provide rapid turnaround on installation projects.

We supply REDARC electric brakes for all types of cars, 4WDs, commercial vehicles, caravans and trailers. Compatible with all standard 12v and 24v electrics, the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3 Electric Brake Controller is ready to handle whatever you can throw at it. The Tow-Pro Elite is one of the world’s most versatile caravan electric bakes solutions.

With the ability to switch between inertia braking and user-controlled modes, it’s perfect for driving both on and off-road. Whether you need towing accessories Brisbane wide or REDARC electric brake controllers for your next 4WD adventure, Access Auto Electrics has you covered.

Invest in a REDARC Electric Brake Controller Kit with AAEAC!

At Access Auto Electrics we strongly recommend using a REDARC electric brake controller kit on your vehicle. With simple controls, multiple braking modes and off-road compatibility, REDARC electric brakes are some of the industry’s most trusted solutions. To book your REDARC brake controller installation or for other services such as off grid caravan solar system installations, get in touch with AAEAC and we’ll get your vehicle ready to tow any load.

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