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Alcohol Interlock Installation

Why Choose A Smart Start Interlock?

Entering the Queensland Alcohol Interlock Program for the first time can be overwhelming.

With over 10 years of experience helping drivers through their interlock program, our smart start interlock service revolves around getting drivers back on the road quickly at an affordable price.

  • Approved auto electricians and alcohol interlock installation provider for programs in Queensland
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • 24/7 customer support line
  • Ignition interlock devices made in Texas, USA, certified to Australian and European Standards  
  • Over 100 service centres nationwide
  • Easy alcohol interlock installation and servicing
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable pricing

Queensland Interlock Program

The smart start interlock service program aims to help drink drivers separate drinking and driving when they get their licence back.

You can find more information on the Queensland Government Website to prepare for your alcohol interlock installation.

SSI-20/20™ & 20/30™

  • Large keypad for ease of use
  • Remote unlocking options
  • Simple access to functions such as appointment date, remote unlocking, battery voltage, language menu
  • Accurate readings – certified to Australian and International standards
  • Colour LCD screen (20/30™)

SSI Camera

  • Reliable identification
  • Smaller, compact, discreet
  • Required in Queensland Alcohol Interlock Program

What Is An Alcohol Interlock?

An alcohol interlock or ignition interlock is a device that can be installed in any type of vehicle to prevent drink driving. In order to start the vehicle, the driver is required to blow into the device with zero Breath Alcohol Content (BAC). If alcohol is detected, the interlock will not allow the vehicle’s engine to be started.

How do I Book an Installation?

A smart start interlock service can be booked by calling our workshop on 3366 8585. We require 2 days’ notice to book your car in. Alternatively, you can book an alcohol interlock installation via our webpage by using our online booking system. If booking online, please specify that it is for an interlock installation. We will then contact you to confirm.


How Long Will The Installation Take?

Your car will be required for most of the day as the alcohol interlock installation time varies based on make and model. Please contact us for an estimate on completion time of your smart start interlock service.

When collecting your vehicle, we recommended that you allow 30 minutes for training on how to use the device and vital information about the how the Queensland Alcohol Interlock Program operates. You can watch the Smart Start Interlocks Training Video in advance and ask as many questions as you need when you pick your vehicle up. 

Can I Drive The Car In For An Installation Myself?

No, you will need to organise for a friend or family member to drive you to the service centre as it is an offence for people with an interlock requirement to drive without an interlock device installed.

What Do I Need To Bring On The Day of My Installation?

Your receipt for a probationary licence with code ‘I’ and AIIP notification from TMR.

Can Other People Drive My Car?

Yes. Anyone can drive your vehicle, but they are required to follow the rules of the interlock program while driving your vehicle (including providing all requested tests). You are personally responsible for all device readings throughout your interlock program. Violations committed while someone else is driving your vehicle could affect your program.

Will the Interlock Damage My Car?

No. When you book your car for a smart start interlock service, our team of trained professionals will ensure the installation of the alcohol interlock will leave no trace after it is uninstalled.


Who Should I Contact About My Interlock Device?

Please visit the Smart Start website or contact Smart Start office on 1300 256 900 for any device related issues, basic information, and a 24/7 emergency support line.


I Don't Know How to Use an Interlock?

We will provide comprehensive training on how to use the interlock when you book in for a smart start interlock service. You will be able to watch 3 short videos which explain the program and also you will be able to practice on the unit prior to driving away. We recommend that you watch the training videos prior to picking up your car.


Do I Need to Book for My Monthly Interlock Service?

Yes you will need to book your monthly smart start interlock service in advance. We will make the booking for the following service at the completion of your current service. You will receive a text from Access Auto Electrics one day before your booking. Please call us if you need to reschedule. Please remember you can book your service up to 7 days before and 7 days after your scheduled service date. Not attending a service during this time frame will result in a violation.

Should I Buy A PBT?

An interlock should never be used as a personal breathalyser (PBT). Many people buy a PBT to check of they are complying with the interlock program conditions. However a PBT is never as accurate as an alcohol interlock so it should only be used as a guide.

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to call on 07 3366 8585 or leave your details via our form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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