Camping & Caravan Electrics in Brisbane

Hitting the road for a caravan or camping trip is one of Brisbane’s favourite pastimes. To ensure you always have power off the grid, Access Auto Electrics can design, supply and install the off grid and solar equipment your caravan or 4WD needs.

Off Grid Caravan & Camping Set Ups Brisbane

Whether you’re embarking on a long-term caravan journey or are heading out for a weekend camping trip, an off grid solar set up can keep your vehicle powered. Access Auto Electrics specialises in caravan electrics and solar installations for all caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, campervans and towing vehicles. Our Brisbane team can design caravan electrical systems that provide all the creature comforts you need to make your camping experience a good one.

We always work with quality products from manufacturers we trust. That allows us to guarantee our workmanship and ensure your caravan or camping vehicle is ready to go off the grid. Our caravan electrics are designed by our in-house experts to meet your needs. Prior to booking your job, we recommend contacting us to arrange a short consultation to go over your requirements and plan your caravan and camping electrics.

Brisbane’s Caravan Electrics Experts

At Access Auto, we can help you develop the off grid battery and solar set up you need. We install systems to suit caravans, camper trailers, campervans, 4WDs and a range of other camping vehicles. When you need power to go camping or head off the grid, our expert team can design and install off grid and solar electrics to suit.

We specialise in all off grid, solar, camping and caravan electrics, including:

Our services are available to customers throughout the Brisbane region. Offering a comprehensive selection of caravan and auto electrics means we can work on any vehicle and install off grid, solar and battery systems to provide power in any situation.

Camping & Caravan Solar Installation Brisbane

Want to go off the grid without giving up your creature comforts? Solar panels are an affordable solution that allows you to generate power for your caravan or campsite, no matter where you are.

The team at Access Auto in Brisbane provides assistance with solar panel installation for all caravan and camping vehicles. We offer services that include:

  • Choosing the right solar panels. Solar panels are available in a range of voltages, power capacities and solar cell technologies. We can specify and install solar panels that meet your power generation needs and keep your dual battery systems powered for years to come.
  • Solar regulators. The power generated by solar panels fluctuates, so delivering a steady charge to your batteries requires the help of a solar regulator. Our team can select the PWM or MPPT charger that best fits your budget and electrical set up to make sure your batteries are always topped up.
  • Solar system wiring. Off grid and caravan electrics can be complex. Dual batteries, solar panels, inverters, DC-DC chargers and charging from your vehicle’s alternator all need to be installed properly to avoid causing damage to the components. Access Auto Electrics can design a wiring solution that’s safe, provides the power you need and protects your equipment from harm.

Camping & Caravan Solar Installation Brisbane

When you’re camping off the grid you need to be able to rely on your systems to provide power at critical moments. Like the other systems in your vehicle, your off grid, camping and solar electrics will need maintenance from time to time. 

If you’re seeing any of these common signs of broken or failing caravan electrics, book an appoint with Access Auto Electrics today:

  • Batteries showing low voltage or not charging
  • Batteries draining quickly
  • Inverter not providing power
  • Solar panels not charging properly
  • Electrical systems not working
  • Components breaking down
  • Fuses frequently blowing

Whatever problems you’re experiencing, our team can identify and repair the issue to get you back on the road sooner. We’re also available to perform system upgrades and add-ons that ensure your caravan electrics keep up with your changing needs.

Have A Question About Taking Your Car Off-Grid?

If you have any questions or would like a quote please contact our friendly team. We can be reached on 07 3366 8585 or leave your details in one of our forms and we will get back to you!

The team at Access Auto Electrics shares your passion for hitting the road and going off grid in your camper or caravan. We install everything from dual battery systems to solar set ups, inverters, DC-DC chargers and off grid electrics that can power your next adventure. Book a free consultation with our Brisbane team to discuss your caravan and camping electrics.

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