Taking Care of Your Car Aircon

Dying of heatstroke in your car? Your aircon might be broken or in need of re-gassing. We have outlined below the main parts of your aircon system and how to know when maintenance is needed and what is involved when it happens.

What Are The Parts in Your Aircon System?

There are several parts to your car air conditioning system and each of these is checked in your aircon service:

  • A Compressor: The compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant gas. When this happens, the gas is compressed and becomes extremely hot and is then sent through to the condenser.
  • A Condenser: After the compressor heats the gas, it is then sent to the condenser. This is a series of coils that outside air passes through to remove the heat from the compressed gas. This causes the gas to cool and condense into a cold liquid.
  • A/C Receiver Drier: The receiver drier is a canister that has desiccant inside to absorb moisture and ensure that only dry air is coming through.
  • AC Belt: This is the belt that drives your AC system. This belt is strapped to the engine crankshaft balancer which turns with the engine.
  • TX Valve: The TX Valve controls the drop in pressure for the refrigeration evaporation as it controls the flow rate in the evaporator and therefore controls the evaporator output temperature.
  • An Evaporator Core: As the now low pressure liquid refrigerant mist flows into the evaporator, a blower motor that pushes air across the cold tubes of the evaporator to deliver cooled air into the car compartment.
  • Hoses: If there are any leaks in the hoses, gas could possibly escape the system and cause larger issues within the vehicle.

If anything goes wrong with any of these components, major issues could arise, meaning you may need to get your air conditioning not just re-gassed but repaired. Regular re-gassing is also important to ensure that you always have cold air when it’s needed.

How Does Aircon Re-gassing Work?

At Access Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning, we don’t just re-gas your aircon, we do a full service of your system. A full service is extremely important so that we can check for faults and leaks in your system. The first step is to check for faults and leaks that could be leading to the gas running through your system much faster than it should. If any issues are found, we will call you to provide you with a quote on how to solve the problem and the time frames around this. This is why we prefer you to schedule your car in for the day rather than the 1.5 to 2 hours, so that if any issues occur, we can order parts and resolve the issue on the same day so that you don’t need to book your car in multiple times. Our air con re-gassing and services start from $99 and can be booked via our website.

If you are concerned about your vehicle’s air conditioning or are ready for your regular aircon servicing, book in online or give us a call directly.

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