Custom Built Battery Box

Custom built battery boxes provide you with power, no matter the weather! At Access Auto Electrics, we can create the ultimate custom-made battery box to suit your needs. Portable battery boxes are the ideal alternative to a conventional dual battery system installed into your vehicle. They give you the freedom to take power away from your vehicle and provide the perfect solution for camping, caravanning, 4WD, and worksites. They can be taken out of the car and placed next to your campsite to run all your devices, fridges, and lighting. Alternatively, they can be left permanently in your vehicle. A custom battery-built battery box can either be built using a lithium or deep cycle battery. At AAEAC we use the two most trusted brands, Enerdrive and Invicta batteries. In consultation with you, we can include a DCDC charger or isolator of your choice, plus any additional accessory sockets, and in some cases also an inverter.

Over the counter battery boxes are perfectly fine, but custom-built battery boxes allow us to personalise it to your needs and to install the extra accessories you may need to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible. Give us a call to get your custom built battery box made! Bookings can be made by calling us directly on 3366 8585. We are always happy to have a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements.

Still not sure about a custom built battery box? No stress! At Access Auto Electrics we have a portable lithium battery available for our customers to hire. That way you can try before you buy and decide if a custom-made battery box would suit your needs. Our Lithium battery box is lightweight and has the following accessories:

  • Built in DCDC charger
  • Regulated solar input
  • 3 x Anderson plug outputs
  • 1 x Anderson plug DCDC input
  • 1 x Solar input
  • 300W inverter
  • 2 x cigarette ports
  • 2 x USB ports
  • Can be Charged with computer-controlled alternators.

Contact us today to hire our lithium battery.

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