Toyota Landcruiser Custom Off-Grid Electrical Fit-Out

This week our technicians were excited to do an amazing electrical fit-out on this brand new 79 series Toyota Landcruiser. Our customer wanted the ultimate custom fit-out to ensure his camping trips were as comfortable as possible.

Firstly we installed a Red Arc Manager 30 with a TVMS. This stands for (total vehicle management system). This is a fully automated switch control system that can be accessed via an app on your mobile. This system allows you to run all your electrical outputs, manage your water tank levels, run your fridge, and also allows you to manage your battery voltages. The manager 30 is a DCDC with a 240V battery charger and an MPPT solar regulator, meaning this is a complete package in one. We also supplied a Kore lighting kit which gives our customer the option of having a white or orange light. The white light for camping and additional lighting needs and the orange light is designed to deter mosquitoes and bugs. This lighting kit is also dimmable.

The customer supplied a 120amp lithium battery. We decided it was best to install this battery behind the fridge. To do this our guys had to build a false carpeted wall to allow for the mounting of the manager 30 system and to hide the wiring.

The lithium battery was then accompanied with a 200w solar panel. This will allow their 95L fridge to run all day.

Also through the manager 30 system we added a connection to run the customers awning lighting. This is also controlled through the phone app and also has a white or orange light.

An additional work light was also installed under the roof top bed to allow for additional lighting while setting up.

The driving lights/spotlights were installed and we supplied a genuine OEM style switch to give it the factory look.

And finally, we installed the Gator full-screen live view camera to replace the rearview mirror. The toolbox the customer installed had blocked his rearview so this was the best option for him to be able to see out the back. This is a touch-screen camera that allows you to maneuver the screen and get a full view of the back of the car.

This was one of our custom dual battery electrical fit-outs at Access Auto Electrics. There are various options and systems available that can ensure comfortable camping and off-grid trips. We always recommend a free consultation to discuss your individual needs. Please feel free to call us for more information.

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