Alternator for BMW X3

Today we had this BMW X3 towed into the workshop by RACQ.  We diagnosed a faulty alternator.  The challenge was getting the alternator out as it was in a tricky location.  But happy to report our guys were successful in removing it and it was replaced with the new alternator.  

Classic & Luxury Car Auto Electrical Work

Today in the workshop we had some super cool cars.   A 1969 Ford Mustang was in for some wiring repairs A  2012 Maserati had a new window switch fitted 1991 Jaguar in with electrical faults Our technicians are experienced with all electrical faults and repairs on classic and luxury cars.

Diagnosis Scan for a Holden Cruz

This Holden Cruze came in with a discharged battery caused by a faulthy alternator.  After replacing the alterantor we scanned and cleared all faults.  Our workshop uses the latest technology in scan tools so we can identiy faults faster and get you back on the road quickly.  

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