Electrical Car Problems During Summer

When the hot weather hits, there is a higher chance that something will go wrong with your vehicle. No one ever wants to be the person pulled over on the side of the highway, so we have outlined below the main problems that we come across during the summer months and how you can avoid these issues:

Air Conditioning Giving Up

Your aircon going in the summer months is not fun! With Queensland temperatures soaring up to 40º, when your air-con goes out it can feel like you are sitting in an oven. The hotter the weather, the harder your AC system has to work. One of the main factors that contribute to your air conditioning giving out is the fact that it tends not to be used during the winter months. This can lead to dry and brittle O-rings which become fragile and then break due to lack of use. This then leads to a leak in your AC system. It can also be caused when the engine fan runs continuously which can lead to high pressure on the aircon system and create compression failure. It is important to get annual AC services to ensure that the above issues do not occur and also to ensure that refrigerant levels remain optimal during the summer months, making sure you stay cool the whole time.

Failing Alternator

With the hot weather and your AC blasting, your alternator starts to get a work out. The harder the AC works, the harder the alternator has to work to keep your vehicle battery charged and working. As more energy is being expended by the alternator to ensure that everything has charge and is running correctly, your alternator can begin to fail. This can lead to sudden engine failure and leave you stuck on the side of the road. To ensure that this does not happen, it is vital to get regular check ups for your vehicle’s electrical systems.

Battery Failure

Heat is an accelerant that can exacerbate issues within your vehicle. Whether it is how quickly your radiator fluid is used up or even battery failure. Over time you can expect to see the build up of acid on your battery and possibly even signs of corrosion. High temperatures and liquid evaporation can accelerate natural battery corrosion and oxidation. When your battery dies, so does your car - even if only temporarily. It is recommended that car batteries are replaced every 3 to 5 years and that you keep an eye on your battery for any signs of corrosion or acid damage. Another option is to have additional power sources such as an additional battery which entails a dual battery installation Brisbane wide.

Ignition Problems

If your vehicle loses power or tends to stutter and stumble on a hot day, you could have an ignition problem on your hands. This is a problem that often surfaces during the hotter months as it can often be disguised in the winter months as the cooler weather ensures that the metal is contracted. With the metal expanding in the hotter weather poor circuits can open up and lead to intermittent electrical faults. If you are seeing any problems with your car starting or staying steady once turned on, it is important to get your vehicle to an electrical specialist as soon as possible.

Need Your Electrical Systems Fixed? Contact the Experts at Access Auto!

If you are finding any of the above problems with your vehicle’s electrical systems or if you simply have not gotten your car checked in several years, then it is time to contact the experts. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, our technicians at Access Auto Electrics can provide you with high end, quality servicing of your electrics and air conditioning. To make sure your vehicle is summer ready, contact our friendly team today.

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