Toyota FJ Cruiser Hybrid Starter

Our customer recently brought his Toyota FJ Cruiser in to the workshop to discuss options to run a second battery.  He wanted to be able to go off-grid camping for two days and have enough charge to keep his fridge running. The customer didn't want to loose any space in the rear of the vehicle so the option of installing a battery box was ruled out. The issue was that the FJ Cruiser has limited space under the bonnet to install a second battery, therefore, it was decided that the best option was to install the new Invicta Hybrid Starter under his bonnet. This Hybrid Starter is a direct replacement battery which enables the customer to use his main battery as a deep cycle battery to run his fridge. In the event the main battery fully discharges, the Invicta Lithium Hybrid starter has an internal jump-start feature. This built in jump-start feature allows the alternator to fully recharge the deep cycle battery.  

The Invicta Hybrid starter acts as an all in one Dual Battery system that has under-bonnet installation capabilities and eliminates the need for a DCDC charger.  

The features and benefits of the Invicta Hybrid starter include:

  • 3-year full replacement warranty
  • Drop-in starter battery replacement
  • Light weight LiFePO4 chemistry
  • Engineered BMS for high continuous charge/discharge
  • Pouch cell design for high rate charge/discharge flexibility
  • Jump start feature
  • High CCA capabilities
  • Charge directly from alternator
  • Standard automotive case sizes
  • Heat resistant technology for high-heat applications
  • IP 56 Rated
  • IEC Certified

Access Auto Electrics Know Batteries

At Access Auto Electrics, we specialise in all types of vehicle batteries. Whether it's your main battery, a second battery or a custom Hybrid starter, we can help you decide the most suitable one for your needs. We have a number of reputable suppliers and will always source the best quality batteries to suit your budget. 

If you'd like to discuss vehicle batteries, a dual battery install, or a smart start interlock service, please contact us today.

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