12V Solar Panel Installation

Attaching solar panels to vehicles is becoming more popular for people wanting to enjoy an off-grid lifestyle. Having an independent power source when camping or travelling allows you to bring more gear and camp comfortably in more locations. Solar panels are cost efficient and are a highly effective way to power your campsite. With a solar panel you can charge your batteries which in turn can keep your phones, fridges, cameras, and other devices charged and ready to go. There are several different options available, and we are always happy to discus these with you. They can effectively be installed on your 4WD, caravan, camper trailers and motorhomes.   

Below is a recent Solar panel installation on a Toyota Landcruiser. Our customer wanted solar panels installed on the roof racks so he would have had an adequate power supply for his upcoming camping trip. He was going off grid and wanted to ensure he could run his fridge plus all of his family‚Äôs devices. 

Access Auto Electrics Know Solar Panels

At Access Auto Electrics, we can help you assess the solar panels that are available on the market and choose which one will best suit your needs. Our Auto Electricians are experienced in fitting solar panels to all types of vehicles. Contact Us today for a free consultation.

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