Uniden Dash Camera For a Mazda 2

One of our customers recently bought a Uniden IGO CAM Dual Dash Camera from Aldi and wanted our Auto electricians to install it in their Mazda 2.  This Dash cam features a front and rear camera, motion detector, G-sensor and has a forward collision warning system.  This was a good option for our customer as they wanted to ensure safety when reversing, as well as the benefit to have evidence recorded in case of an accident.  Dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular as they are a type of protection and can support a point of view in the case of an incident.  There are many great options for Dash cameras available depending on your needs.  Our Auto Electricians are experienced in fitting all types of Dash cameras and front/rear reverse cameras and sensors.  We are more than happy to discuss options with you and can either supply and install the camera or install one supplied by you.

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