Lithium Dual Battery Set-Up For a Chevrolet Silverado

This week our auto electricians carried out the ultimate Lithium Dual battery set up on this amazing Chev Silverado.  Our customer wanted to set up his vehicle so he could be comfortable on weekend trips away.  Dual Battery kits are becoming increasingly popular amongst our customers as they allow for multiple 12V devices to be powered up, including fridges, inverters and mobile devices. They are designed to ensure the deep-cycle battery is charged, without the chance of the vehicle’s starting battery being discharged.  Our Brisbane auto electricians installed a 100-amp hour Enerdrive Lithium battery under the back seats.  The Enerdrive Lithium battery is slim and compact and among the lightest option available.  It can be installed in caravans, motorhomes, 4wds and camper trailers.  We also installed a REDARC 40-amp DCDC charger to charge the batteries, as well as some additional USB ports and cigarette sockets for the kids to charge their devices.  

Our customer supplied us with a compressor which we installed under the other back seat.  This was so he could easily pump up his tyres after off road driving.  In the rear of the vehicle we provided some additional car accessories installation for the fridge and solar connections, as well as a few more USB and cigarette sockets.

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