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How Does An Electric Brake Controller Work?

You’ve got your food, plenty of drinks, and you’re ready to go away. As many Australians love, they want to get out across the country in their caravan or camper trailer. We often think about our GVM, or GTM when it comes to safely towing a caravan, but we neglect to factor our braking. In this article, we’ll delve into how an electric brake controller works.

What Is An Electric Brake Controller?

An electric brake controller is an electronic device that controls and activates the electric brakes on a caravan or camper trailer. Installed in the front cabin of a vehicle, the electric brake controller is vital for towing as standard braking systems cannot efficiently ensure a safe stopping distance.

Are Electric Brake Controllers Required By Law?

In Australia, brake controllers are legally required for all caravans and camper trailers that exceed a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of 2000kg. This is used on caravans and trailers that exceed over 750kg.

How Do Electric Brake Controllers Control Brakes on Caravans?

Electric brake controllers use electrical circuits to control the amount of braking power to a caravan. Most controllers have an auto calibration mode which you can begin the calibration process through normal driving without a caravan or trailer. The calibration will need to be tested with a caravan or trailer attached. Once an electric brake is installed on a trailer, the trailer wiring will need to be connected to the vehicle, and the electric brake controller will be installed. A further explanation on Active Calibration is explained below by our preferred supplier, Redarc.

Why We Supply & Install Redarc Electric Brake Controllers

Access Auto Electrics are proud suppliers and installers of Redarc electric brake controllers. Redarc offers a proportional braking system, which adjusts brake force to match vehicle deceleration creating a smooth braking experience when towing.

Redarc’s controllers cover anything from light camper trailers to heavy caravans. With customisable control options to adapt to load weight and appropriate driving conditions.

Speak To AAEAC About Electric Brake Controllers

Get a safe solution to your towing from the trusted auto electricians in Brisbane. Access Auto Electrics can supply and install Redarc electric brake controllers, as well as towing accessories such as anderson plugs, towbar wiring, trailer plugs and more! Book online or call us on 07 3366 8585.

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