Dual Battery System For a Mazda BT50

Dual battery systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially this year.  As we are unable to travel overseas or even interstate, 4×4 lifestyle and camping appear to be on everyone’s radar.  Dual Battery Systems are an essential part of many peoples camping set up as they give a dedicated power source for items such as fridges, lights, compressors and inverters, without risking the starting battery.  There are many options available and we always recommend a face to face consultation to discuss your individual requirements.  On this Mazda BT50, our Auto Electricians installed a Dual Battery behind the back-passenger seat, a DCDC charger, an Anderson plug and cigarette socket in the back tray. They also installed an accessory socket with USB, cigarette socket and volt meter on the centre console, plus solar connection at the rear of the vehicle.  This is a great set up for our customers upcoming camping trips.  

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