Air Conditioning Service & Regas in Time For Summer

This week we have had many cars in for Air conditioning services and re-gas.  Summer is about to hit and there is nothing worse than having no car air conditioning or hot air blowing in your face.  Most people assume that if the AC is working then there is no need to have it serviced.  However, this can lead to major expenses down the track. Our technicians are skilled at diagnosing problems with your car’s AC system and can let you know if it simply requires a re-gas or something else is going on.  Most large AC jobs can be done on the same day, depending on the availability of parts.  A standard re-gas involves recovering the old gas, evacuating the system, replenishing the oil, adding dye for future testing and re-gassing with R134A.  A re-gas can usually be carried out within an hour or two. 

AC services are recommended every 12 months because over time you may lose gas through various leaks which can force small amounts of oil out of the system.  This can leave your compressor to run dry of oil, whilst still getting cold.  This can then result in a seized compressor.  Regular services ensure your car’s AC system is running effectively, as well as keeping you cool throughout the hot months.

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