FORD GRAN TORINO - 13/11/2019

We love having classic cars in our workshop.  This Ford Gran Torino was booked in for an Air Conditioning service.  It was found to have a faulty compressor,  so our  guys fit a new one and carried out a complete A/C service and regas.   This amazing car is now ready for weekend summer trips with the comfort of working air conditioning.  


The front passenger door and sliding door in this iload were not locking and unlocking.  Our technician diagnosed faulty door actuators.  New actuators were supplied and fit.  Both doors are locking once again.

Caravan auto electrics - 26/09/19

Our customer came in this week with discharged batteries in his caravan which was caused by his 12V fridge being connected directly to his house batteries. We recommended updating his electrical system with a 40amp Enerdrive DCDC system, with a 240V Enerdrive battery charger. He was also needing an Anderson and trailer plug. Our customer can now be confident going off grid caravanning.

BMW X3 Alternator - 29/08/19

Today we had this BMW X3 towed into the workshop by RACQ.  We diagnosed a faulty alternator.  The challenge was getting the alternator out as it was in a tricky location.  But happy to report our guys were successful in removing it and it was replaced with the new alternator.  

Nissan Pathfinder - 25/07/19

Today we had this Nissan Pathfinder in the workshop. We diagnosed a seized AC compressor which was caused by a blockage in the condenser. Therefore, we had to replace the compressor, the condenser, tx valve, receiver drier and cabin filter. We also had to flush the AC system to clean it of its contamination from the metal fillings of the compressor. Finished with a AC service and regas just in time for the hot weather.

Jayco Hawk Outback Conversion - 27/06/19

Our team converted this 1999 Jayco Hawk Outback to a full off grid system. We installed 2 x 150 ah gel batteries, a 40 ah Enerdrive DCDC charger and a 200w solar panel. Plus additional wall chargers, Usb plugs and Anderson Plug connections. All set for some great road trips with all the comforts of being at home.

Toyota Landcruiser HJ45 - 30/05/19

We recently had this amazing 1980 Toyota Landcruiser HJ45 in the workshop for an underdash rewire


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